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About UN numbers
UN 0001 - UN 0100
UN 0101 - UN 0200
UN 0201 - UN 0300
UN 0301 - UN 0400
UN 0401- UN 0500

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About UN numbers

UN number is four-digit number that identifies hazardous substances and products (such as explosives and toxic materials) of commercial weight. This code system is widely used in international trade, for example, to describe the contents of cargo containers. Some chemical components have their own UN number (for example, acrylamide has UN2074), while sometimes, groupings of chemicals or products with similar properties of a joint UN number (which cigarettändaregas who have UN1057). A chemical in its solid phase can get another UN number than the liquid phase of their characteristics are very different. Substances with different levels of purity can also have different UN numbers.

Search for UN number

Here you may search for and browse UN numbers. Our database currently holds UN numbers between UN 0004 and UN 0400. Use the search functions below in order to find what you are looking for. You may search using number or part of the description.

We are currently working on updating the database with the remaining UN numbers at the moment, please be patient.

Eg 0004

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