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UN 0301 - UN 0400
Start nr Stop nr Class Description
3013011Ammunition, tear-producing with burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge
3033031Ammunition, smoke, with or without burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge
3053051Flash powder
3063061Tracers for ammunition
3123121Cartridges, signal
3133131Signals, smoke
3163171Fuzes, igniting
3183181Grenades, practice, hand or rifle
3193201Primers, tubular
3213211Cartridges for weapons, with bursting charge
3223221Rocket motors with hypergolic liquids with or without an expelling charge
3233231Cartridges, power device
3243241Projectiles, with bursting charge
3263261Cartridges for weapons, blank
3273271Cartridges for weapons, blank or Cartridges, small arms, blank
3283281Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile
3293301Torpedoes with bursting charge
3313311Explosive, blasting, type B or Agent blasting, Type B
3323321Explosive, blasting, type E or Agent blasting, Type E
3383381Cartridges for weapons, blank or Cartridges, small arms, blank
3393391Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile or Cartridges, small arms
3403401Nitrocellulose, dry or wetted with less than 25 percent water (or alcohol), by mass
3413411Nitrocellulose, unmodified or plasticized with less than 18 percent plasticizing substance, by mass
3423421Nitrocellulose, wetted with not less than 25 percent alcohol, by mass
3433431Nitrocellulose, plasticized with not less than 18 percent plasticizing substance, by mass
3443441Projectiles, with bursting charge
3453451Projectiles, inert with tracer
3463471Projectiles, with burster or expelling charge
3483481Cartridges for weapons, with bursting charge
3493561Articles, explosive, n.o.s.
3573591Substances, explosive, n.o.s.
3603611Detonator assemblies, non-electric for blasting
3623621Ammunition, practice
3633631Ammunition, proof
3643661Detonators for ammunition
3673671Fuzes, detonating
3683681Fuzes, igniting
3693691Warheads, rocket with bursting charge
3703711Warheads, rocket with burster or expelling charge
3723721Grenades, practice, hand or rifle
3733731Signal devices, hand
3743751Sounding devices, explosive
3763761Primers, tubular
3773781Primers, cap type
3793791Cases, cartridges, empty with primer
3803801Articles, pyrophoric
3813811Cartridges, power device
3823841Components, explosive train, n.o.s.
3863861Trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid
3883881Trinitrotoluene and Trinitrobenzene mixtures or TNT and trinitrobenzene mixtures or TNT and hexanitrostilbene mixtures or Trinitrotoluene and hexanitrostilbene mixtures
3893891Trinitrotoluene mixtures containing Trinitrobenzene and Hexanitrostilbene or TNT mixtures containing trinitrobenzene and hexanitrostilbene
3913911RDX and HMX mixtures, wetted with not less than 15 percent water by mass or RDX and HMX mixtures, desensitized with not less than 10 percent phlegmatizer by mass
3943941Trinitroresorcinol, wetted or Styphnic acid, wetted with not less than 20 percent water, or mixture of alcohol and water, by mass
3953961Rocket motors, liquid fueled
3973981Rockets, liquid fueled with bursting charge
3994001Bombs with flammable liquid, with bursting charge


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