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UN 0401 - UN 0500
Start nr Stop nr Class Description
4014011Dipicryl sulfide, dry or wetted with less than 10 percent water, by mass
4024021Ammonium perchlorate
4034041Flares, aerial
4054051Cartridges, signal
4074071Tetrazol-1-acetic acid
4084101Fuzes, detonating, with protective features
4114111Pentaerythrite tetranitrate or Pentaerythritol tetranitrate or PETN, with not less than 7 percent wax by mass
4124121Cartridges for weapons, with bursting charge
4134131Cartridges for weapons, blank
4144141Charges, propelling, for cannon
4154151Charges, propelling
4174171Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile or Cartridges, small arms
4184191Flares, surface
4204211Flares, aerial
4244251Projectiles, inert with tracer
4264271Projectiles, with burster or expelling charge
4284321Articles, pyrotechnic for technical purposes
4334331Powder cake, wetted or Powder paste, wetted with not less than 17 percent alcohol by mass
4344351Projectiles, with burster or expelling charge
4364381Rockets, with expelling charge
4394411Charges, shaped, without detonator
4424451Charges, explosive, commercial without detonator
4464471Cases, combustible, empty, without primer
44844815-Mercaptotetrazol-1-acetic acid
4494491Torpedoes, liquid fueled, with or without bursting charge
4504501Torpedoes, liquid fueled, with inert head
4514511Torpedoes with bursting charge
4524521Grenades, practice, hand or rifle
4534531Rockets, line-throwing
4554551Detonators, non-electric, for blasting
4564561Detonators, electric, for blasting
4574601Charges, bursting, plastics bonded
4614611Components, explosive train, n.o.s.
4624721Articles, explosive, n.o.s.
4734811Substances, explosive, n.o.s.
4824821Substances, explosive, very insensitive, n.o.s., or Substances, EVI, n.o.s.
4834831Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, desensitized or Cyclonite, desensitized or Hexogen, desensitized or RDX, desensitized
4844841Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine, desensitized or Octogen, desensitized or HMX, desensitized
4854851Substances, explosive, n.o.s.
4864861Articles, explosive, extremely insensitive or Articles, EEI
4874871Signals, smoke
4884881Ammunition, practice
4894891Dinitroglycoluril or Dingu
4904901Nitrotriazolone or NTO
4914911Charges, propelling
4924931Signals, railway track, explosive
4944941Jet, perforating guns, charged oil well, with detonator
4954951Propellant, liquid
4974971Propellant, liquid
4984991Propellant, solid
5005001Detonator assemblies, non-electric for blasting


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